Vulcan Stove Fan

  • No electricity needed
  • Quiet, safe, economical operation
  • Zero Maintenance (technical advances means no oiling)
  • No fragile electronics
  • Precision engineered and hand built in England
  • 3 year comprehensive manufacturer warranty

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The Vulcan Stove Fan is an incredible device based on Stirling engine technology that has been built in England. It operates in a safe, quiet, and economical manner while distributing heat. Using this fan, it's no longer necessary to stoke up a stove so that it's incredibly hot in one area, while the rest of the room or home is a much lower temperature. The following information describes the design of this particular fan, how it works, its many benefits, how to properly use it, and what some of the reviews have said.


The Beautiful Design of the Vulcan Stove Fan

The Vulcan Fan is sturdy and beautifully designed. There are no fragile electronics in the fan. The fan is sleek and streamlined in a gorgeous black color with brass and aluminum. The simplicity and quiet operation of the fan adds to its overall elegance. The construction of the fan ensures that it never overheats. With overall good looks and a smooth, simple design, the fan not only accomplishes its purpose but looks great while it's doing it. 


How the Vulcan Fan Works

The technology used and the power source behind this fan makes it stand out from all the rest. This particular fan is 100 percent mechanical. Using the heat of the source it services, the power is generated through a small Stirling Engine power source. The speed at which the fan operates correlates to the temperature of the stove. As the temperature rises so does the speed of the fan and thus the volume of air circulating increases. The fan ultimately moves the air around the room, eliminating the heavy heat that is centered near the original heat source. The fan uses the most current technology. Its superb construction includes a glass cylinder, a graphite piston, low-friction demagnetized bearings, and borosilicate. 


The Efficiency of the Engine

The engine used in this fan is more efficient than those that are used in other types of fans. The five blades each rotate at a maximum temperature of 450C at over 400 rpm. Some fans on the market have fewer blades, but with five blades the Vulcan can easily circulate the air. The fan is so efficient that it circulates up to 2.2 times more air than most other types of stove fans. It works with almost all stove types, with temperature ranges from 300F (150C) to 840F (450C). This fan will work well with stronger wood stoves because of the high temperature range.

The Many Benefits of This Unique Fan

This fan is ideal because of its excellent engineering design and overall power and capability. The efficiency of this unique fan will circulate the heat from a coal or wood stove providing maximum comfort. Some of the more specific benefits of the fan include how quietly it operates and that it requires no maintenance. The technical design means that no oiling is needed. The fact that the fan requires no electricity is also an incredible benefit. Working entirely from the heat generated from a stove means it won't add to the electric bill. Batteries are also not needed. The fan costs virtually nothing to operate.


How to Properly Use the Fan

Not only does the fan not need oiling, but it could be detrimental to the operation of the fan. Make sure to enjoy the easy maintenance of the fan and refrain from oiling. When using the fan wait until the base has warmed up. This shouldn't take more than a few minutes once it's been placed on a stove. With gentle force, flip the fan clockwise, letting the blades begin to spin. This should start the fan spinning slowly. The heat of the stove will keep the fan spinning. How fast will depend on the temperature. When finished using the fan it is okay to pick it up by the blades. This is a good idea if the fan is on a stove that is still hot.


Vulcan Stove Fan Review

Reviews throughout the Internet have given high ratings for this incredible fan. Many reviews focus on how well made the fan is. The fan is well constructed overall with quality parts. Reviews also have focused on the fact that there is no maintenance. It was also noted that minimal assembly was required, making it easy to start using the fan. Most of those who have not been happy with the fan have stoves and heating appliances that don't have a high enough surface temperature to provide the energy to cause the fan to operate properly.

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 12.1 x 9.4 in