The Valiant Ventum III stove fan

The Valiant Ventum 3 Stove Fan – Is It Worth Buying?

  • Compact, modern and sleek design
  • Ultra low 45C starting temperature – perfect for early starting
  • Maximum air flow – blows up to 420 ft minute
  • Thermally controlled actuator for optimum Peltier performance

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The Valiant Ventum 3 is the latest in the Valiant fan line, and it’s gotten some pretty good reviews so far. The feedback has been positive yes, but is it something you need? If you already have a stove fan, is this a worthy replacement? We took a look at the Ventum III and we have to say the answer is yes, it is worth buying.

The Valiant Ventum III stove fan

What are the Features of the Valiant Ventum 3?

Here is quick overview of the fan’s most pertinent features.

  • One of a kind triple blade
  • Does not generate as much drag as your regular 4 blade fan, but at the same time it provides more power and thrust than a 2 blade fan
  • Design does not compromise when it comes to balance and output
  • Long motor life
  • Actuator is thermally controlled for maximum performance
  • This fan is capable of blowing up to 420 feet a minute, and is one of the most powerful in its class
  • The starting temperature is 113 F (45 C),hence ideal for starting early
  • Style wise the Valiant is one of the best looking in its range. While the emphasis is on performance, it looks sharp too.


  • Height: 199 mm
  • Depth: 102 mm
  • Width: 180 mm
  • Weight: 0.54 kg
  • Warranty: 24 months for workmanship and materials
  • CE Compliant: Yes

Valiant ventum 3 peltier and the motor

The Peltier module is pressed between two sections of the fan. While the bottom section quickly gets very hot, the top section remains significantly cooler thanks to its construction. This way a temperature difference is created on both sides of the Peltier module generating electricity.

Valiant ventum 3 ridged fins

The cooling fins of the fan’s top section are ridged, increasing their surface area to ensure a maximum temperature difference for the Peltier module.

Valiant ventum 3 front blades mounting screw

If the blades get bent or damaged they can create noise and/or wobbling. They can be easily replaced using a small Allen key. Replacement blades can be purchased from our store.

The valiant ventum 3 motor mounting

The Ventum 3 motor is securely mounted with two screws to prevent wobbling. Easy access to both screws ensure simple replacement of the motor in the unlikely event of failure.

What are the Benefits?

The many benefits of the Valiant Stove Fan can be understood by taking a closer look at its design. At 7.8 inches (199 mm), the fan starts operation at a low temperature, something the newly revamped motor makes possible. What makes the fan even more effective is the blade design pulls air efficiently without generating a lot of noise for greater distances, as a result making it more effective compared to other fans.

What does Improve the Airflow of the Ventum 3?

The key to a well-designed fan is the way it handles air flow, and the Valiant does the job well. Aside from the triple blade design, the overall design of the fan allows for optimum air flow too. Another thing you will notice with the fan is its sophisticated radiating fin design extrusion that plays a huge part in providing the necessary air flow.

The Valiant Fireside fan is also one of the most versatile available today: as many reviewers have pointed out, you can use this in homes (mobile or otherwise), narrowboats, hobs and any room design.  

What are the Power and Heat Properties?

The fan does not need an external power source or batteries, and it only goes to show how practical the Valiant is to use. As for heat, it is conducted along the fan’s base and is turned into electricity, and this serves as a fan motor. It is a simple concept yes, but it is well implemented in the Valiant, allowing it to work efficiently.

We also have to point out the fan sports a tough, black anodized finish that ensures its longevity. In addition the fan slows and stops automatically as the heat from your stove goes down.

The valiant ventum 3 motor mounting

The Ventum 3 motor is securely mounted with two screws to prevent wobbling. Easy access to both screws ensure simple replacement of the motor in the unlikely event of failure.

Bi-metal safety device of the valiant ventum 3

A bi-metallic strip is fitted in the bottom of the Ventum3, which works as an effective safety device. At 250 centigrade the strip bends tilting the fan, which protects the Peltier and motor from overheating.

How is the Performance?  

The fan works well whether it is with a fully recessed stove or other variants. In the case of a recessed stove, what the Valiant does is make sure the heat doesn’t end up in the bricks: when set up properly, the fan lets you get maximum performance from your stove.

Rather than throwing several logs at it, your stove gets hot and burns more slowly as you have greater control. Some people mistake the Valiant for a typical electric fan, but it isn’t. When the fan runs it is more like there is constant movement of air, and it is very effective for stoves.

Is the Valiant Ventum 3 Right for Me?

Valiant has a lot of fans but their latest version of the Ventum is one of their best efforts yet. The other two blade models are not bad at all and it runs quietly. However it doesn’t generate as much air flow as version 3, and that makes a huge difference. There are also some fans with more blades but the drawback with these models is they generate too much noise.

When all is said and done, version 3 is the most ideal option for most as it combines power and efficiency. It provides just the right amount of air without distracting you with any noise.

For optimum performance, the fan should be placed as far as possible from the flue pipe, with a gap of 6 inches in front and about 2 inches on the sides. When set up properly, the results will be satisfactory.  

The Verdict

If you’ve got a wood stove fan, you know how important quality is, and the Ventum III does not disappoint. The original Ventum was a big hit and the third version is even better. The bottom line is if you have a wood stove and want greater efficiency with air circulation, you will be satisfied with the results here.