The Valiant Vanquish 250 Wood Stove Fan

  • Aerodynamically designed blades for optimum air movement
  • Durable, hard wearing black anodised finish
  • Maximum air flow – blows up to 425ft/minute
  • Thermally controlled actuator for optimum Peltier performance
  • Dynamically balanced fan for unrivalled motor life, balance & output

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The Triumph of the Valiant Vanquish 250 Stove Fan

The biggest problem wood burning stove fan owners face is the getting the heat from the stove circulated around the room. Especially if your room is large. You find the area immediately in front of the stove is nice and warm, but there is a definite chill as soon as you step away. It could even be said to be cold the further into the room you go.

So the stove fan was invented, vanquishing the temperature differences between stove-side and a just a few feet into the room. This is a neat fireside accessory that sits on the stove and powerful blades help with circulating the hot air around the room. This is not just good for keeping the whole room warm, but will also optimize the performance of the stove as you’re not trying to make it ever hotter to try and get the heat to all corners of the room.

Valiant are a British company that make some of the most popular stove fans today, the Valiant Vanquish 250 is perhaps their mightiest yet. But first, we need to address the questions of how stove fans work and where does their power come from?

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Stove Fan 101

All stove fans on the market are designed to move the hot air from the stove to the rest of the room. They do this by being mounted on the stove, either the stove top or on the door, and powerful fans blow the hot air away from the immediate vicinity of the stove around the room.

They can be powered by either the Seebeck effect, where heat flowing from hot body to cold body generates a current, or by the Stirling motor which uses the hot air within the fan to power a piston to drive the fan. Both types of motor may be technically different, but they both harness their energy from the heat of the stove to powers the motors that drive the fan blades. This is the secret of its success, because it means you don’t need to keep buying batteries or need to have a power outlet near to your stove.

Presenting the Valiant Vanquish 250 Wood Stove Fan

The largest of the stove fans from UK based Valiant, the Vanquish 250 pushes an impressive 425 cubic feet of air per minute, so even the largest of rooms will feel the warmth of the stove. It is the propeller design of the fan blades which enables such a large volume of air to be moved, in fact it is 90% more efficient at air circulation than all of its current competitors.

Putting the Vanquish 250 at the top of its league is the low start up temperature of just 120 Fahrenheit, and a maximum range to 640 Fahrenheit. Once it reaches its maximum temperature the fan will automatically shut off. It is also amazingly quiet. One of the most frequent comments we have is just how surprisingly quiet it is, considering the tremendous power that lies behind it.

Vanquish wood stove fan specsYou would think that such a powerful unit would need to be large, but the Vanquish 250 stands at just 9.8 inches (including the blades) by 9 inches wide and weighing in at just 1 ½ lbs this fan is a light contender. Incredibly you also get a 2 year retailer warranty and there is no assembly; just remove the fan from the sturdy box and place on your stove top, once you set your fire and the minimum temperature of 120 Fahrenheit is reached the fan will start automatically and you begin to feel the benefits of it in your room. For sure there are cheaper options on the market, but with the Vanquish 250 you most definitely get quality both of design and materials. We can’t recommend this product enough to help with heating a large room on a cold winter’s night, this small but mighty fan will make the largest of rooms feel cosy and inviting.


The Valiant Vanquish wood stove fan packaging

The Vanquish packaging is branded with the familiar Valiant colors and design. The fan is secured by thick foam pads keeping it safe from damage.

The heat sink of the Vanquish fireplace fan

In this model the distinctive V for Valiant can be seen in the design of the heat sink.

The bi-metallic strip of the Vanquish heat powered fan

This bi-metal strip in the base of the Vanquish 250 protects the stove fan from overheating.

The motor mounting of the Vanquish stove top fanThe motor is mounted in the center of the fan allowing the long blades to align with the top of the fan.​

The Vanquish wood burning stove fan blade's mounting

The blades have tiny screws fixing it to the motor shaft.

The Vanquish stove fan blades

The Vanquish 250 have plastic blades rather than aluminum, like the rest of the fan, so they are lighter and spin faster. They are designed to push the air like an airplane propeller rather than a ventilator blades, so the lighter plastic allows the blades to be larger and push a large volume of air with a relatively small motor.