Valiant PremiAIR Stove Fan


  • Compact design: only 199mm high to fit the tightest of spaces
  • Ultra low starting temperature – as low as 50°C – perfect for the latest cool-topped stoves
  • Unrivalled performance – pushing at a huge rate of 420 feet a minute
  • Thermally controlled actuator for optimum Peltier performance
  • Dynamically balanced fan for unrivalled motor life, balance & output
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Distribute Heat Inside Your Home Using a Valiant PremiAIR

Valiant PremiAIR - aluminum, black body and 4-bladesOne of the biggest problems that people who use wood burners have is the concentration of heat around the stove’s area. This is a concern even by owners of high-end wood stoves. To solve this problem, some homeowners use the VALIANT PremiAIR Stove Fan to distribute the heat in the room and in the entire house.

Valiant PremiAIR Construction

This product is the latest, top of the line, and most expensive STOVE FAN model from Valiant. PremiAIR has replaced the company’s previous 4-blade fan model. It weighs 1.21 pounds, 18 centimeters wide, and 20 centimeters in height. It is made of aluminum and has a durable anodized black finish that will not crack because of the high temperature.

This product is easy to install and is perfect for a stove that has a flat top. Aside from placing it on top of a wood burner, it can also be used in mobile homes and narrowboats. It can be utilized on kitchen ranges in traditional and contemporary environments.

The Valiant PremiAIR packaging with the user manual

As with all Valiant stove fans, this one comes in well-designed and secure packaging. The basic information is provided on the box and a more detailed manual, in four languages, is enclosed in a small booklet. It’s good practice to keep the box for at least two years while the warranty is in place, just in case there is a problem with the fan.

There is no need to use electricity or fuel for it to function. The product will run using the heat coming from the stove, so you will not have to think about extra costs. The heat that is conducted through the fan’s base is turned into electricity, which allows its blades to run.

There is also no need to manually turn on or off the appliance. When the stove heats up, PremiAIR runs faster. When the stove temperature cools down, the fan will slow and stop on its own. Since it does not rely on regular power to move its blades, it produces little noise compared to its motorized counterparts. With this innovation, the fan has become an essential companion of wood burning stoves. Take note however, that this will not work with a gas stove or a pellet stove.

What can it do for you?

  • Save fuel

    . Typically, the stove area gets extremely warm when the fire is blazing. In many cases however, the heat does not immediately travel to warm the rest of the cold room. Wood stove users will try to warm the room by adding more log. With the use of the fan, warm air is blown away from the immediate surrounding, helping it to flow through the other parts of the house. The result is equal room temperature and more efficient fuel use. As you reduce the use of fuel, you are not only saving money, but helping the environment as well due to the reduction of carbon and particulate emissions of your stove.

  • Increase the life of your stove

    . People would think that stoves can take any amount of heat. The truth is, the life of its components decrease if the temperature is always high. If you keep it burning at a maximum to increase the heat, instead of utilizing a fan, then your stove may malfunction sooner than you expect.

What makes Valiant PremiAIR special?

Other fans will need high temperature to begin functioning, while Valiant Premium will run at a really low startup temperature—it can be activated at 50 degrees Celsius. It will also work at a temperature as high as 340 degrees Celsius. Built into it is a protection system that stops the product from overheating.

The Valiant PremiAIR motor mounting is solid and robust

The motor is securely mounted directly on the fan’s body which reduces wobbling and is cleverly connected to the Peltier module so replacement of any part is simple and easy.

The Valiant PremiAIR motor mounting is easy accessable

Mechanical damage to the blades can happen if the fan falls, and in turn causes wobbling and noise. Fortunately, the fan blades can be easily released with an Allen key (not attached) and replaced.

The Valint PremieAIR motor is hold by two solid and easy accessible screws.

Despite four massive blades, the Philips screws on the motor mounting can be accessed on the fan’s front. The replacement of any interchangeable parts doesn’t require engineering skills and can be accomplished using simple and common tools.

Even though it is smaller compared to its predecessor, it can push air at a rate of 350 cubic feet per minute (CFM). Due to its compact size, you will be able to fit the fan in small openings, as well as use it in conjunction with a wide selection of wood stoves.

This WOOD STOVE FAN has the capability to move air in a very large room. With this product, you can leave the doors of the adjoining rooms open so you can spread the heat in the entire house. It has a uniquely engineered system that boasts a technologically advanced radiating fin that generates optimal airflow. PremiAIR produces up to 70 percent more airflow compared to its competitors.

However, if your space is not large, then you may not need the power offered by this appliance. For a small space, you are advised to consider the brand’s 2-blade fan instead. The brand offers other heat-powered fans. You can simply select the model that suits your style and budget.


Valiant fans are created in the United Kingdom. The company has long been recognized in the industry as a maker of premium stove fans, a business leader in creating quality products and providing excellent customer service. To ensure its customers that they are providing only the best quality, this product has a two-year warranty. You don’t have to worry that it will fail or break right after just a few months of use.


Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 7 x 8 in