Valiant 4-Blade FIR360


  • Upto 50% more air flow than our 2 blade design
  • Virtually silent in operation
  • Gently circulate heat throughout the room
  • Maximise energy from the stove and reduce fuel consumption

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Valiant 4-Blade Stove Fan Review – Always Dependable

The Valiant stove fan line has long been recognized for quality, and the Valiant 4-Blade stove fan only enforces that reputation. Even if you’ve been using a stove fan for a long time, the 4-Blade version is worth looking into because of its performance. In this detailed review we will show you why this has become a favorite. 

The Beauty of the Valiant 4-blade stove fan

What are the Design Features?  

Valiant fans are known for being self-powered and this is no exception, as it uses the heat from your stove as power. As soon as your stove top attains a temperature of 100 C the fan starts to run, and it will slow down as your stove starts burning out. The Valiant fan is also notable for its fan which has been constructed with full balance in mind.

Here are a few more features we want to highlight:

  • Silent operation: this is one of the quietest stove fans today
  • The required starting temperature is only 50C
  • Designed to reduce stove fuel consumption
  • Attractive and tough design

Last but not the least, the compact and stylish design makes it ideal for homes and different types of wood burning stoves.


  • Weight: 550g
  • Width: (with blade) 200mm
  • Height: (with blade) 230mm
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Blade Color: black

What are the Benefits of the Valiant 4-Blade Stove Fan?

The Valiant 4-Blade fan comes with several benefits, and we’re going to list a few of them here.

  • Optimizes energy use from your stove, reducing fuel usage in the process
  • Wide operating range
  • The built is not just attractive as it is also durable
  • The anodized blades are built for long term use

This Valiant fan is compact, but don’t let that fool you as the FIR360 comes with plenty of power. The way the fan has been designed leads to an improvement in your stove’s efficiency: if you just use a stove without this fan, the air will just go up to the ceiling, leading to wastage. With this stove fan, your stove’s convection gets a boost, and this helps pull the heat out into your room, heating it up more quickly.

The Valiant 4-Blade wood stove fan is powered by a small electric motor

One of the most important benefits the Valiant offers is energy savings. When this Valiant model is running, it keeps the air in the middle of your room instead of being wasted at the ceiling. This not only saves energy as it also enhances the thermal comfort level in the area where the fan is.

One of the more obvious benefits of this fan is how quickly it makes a difference in terms of airflow. Unlike other fans, the FIR360 doesn’t leave any heat residues on the walls or ceiling, and the blade design works well as expected. Even when running at its maximum level the fan doesn’t make a sound so it isn’t a cause for distraction.

How is the Performance?

The FIR360 was built from the ground up to improve warm air circulation made a by a stove. Once the fan is running, airflow is distributed evenly, providing greater comfort. As is typical of other Valiant products, the 4-blade FIR360 does not require mans power or batteries to run, yet another reason to give it a try.


The Valant runs quietly and it distributes warm air around the surrounding area. This is the type of performance you would expect from a powerful fan, and that is what you get here even if it’s not as expensive as other fans. We also have to point out the blades’ solid construction is one reason why the fan is able to work the way it does.

The 4-Blade  works well with various stove types including the modern ones with rear flue pipes and stoves that are recessed. Because the Valiant 4-Blade is well-built you can expect to use this for a long time, and the blades start moving slowly as the temperature starts to go up.

Is This Fan Right for Me?

If you’re looking for performance and power you’re going to like this. The blade design is top notch and heat is distributed further from the stove and into the room, making it more efficient than others.

The FIR360 has received a lot of positive reviews for the way it circulates air, and suffice to say they are true. With the fan you don’t have to rely on your central heating system as much as you used to, resulting in significant savings in fuel consumption. Bottom line: this is one stove fan that really works.  

Final Verdict

The Valiant 4-Blade FIR360 is a good buy, period. In terms of performance it is hard to top as the fan does an effective job of circulating air, and the fact that it does not require external power or batteries serve as indications of how efficient it is. Overall the FIR360 ranks as one of the top heat powered stove fan products that Valiant has produced, and it’s definitely worth a look.