SFR Magnetic Stove Thermometer – An Indispensable Tool

  • Temperature range: 0-500C/50-900F
  • Attaches magnetically to stove top or flue pipe
  • Indicates overheating or a low temperature creosote build-up hazard
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Have you noticed that sometimes your stove doesn’t seem to produce the heat you thought it would? This is where a wood stove thermometer comes into play as it will help you manage wood and the temperature around it. The problem of excessive creosote is well known among stove users, and that explains in part why these thermometers have become more popular. However not all these thermometers for stoves are made equal, so what is it about the SFR that makes it unique?


What are the Main Features of the SFR thermometer?

Let us start by assessing its features.

  • Temperature range: its temperature range is from 0 to 500 C and 50 to 900 F, which is more than enough for standard stove use.
  • The SFR can be attached to a flue pipe or a stove magnetically.
  • Can detect a creosote build up threat.
  • The SFR thermometer is capable of detecting overheating.  
  • The thermometer dial has a diameter of 60 mm, and with the black dial it is very easy to read the temperature. With other thermometers you have to squint just to view the readout, but here is it pretty clear.

All thermometers for flue have the same function, but the SFR is different when it comes to performance. First of all it is encased in aluminum, which says a lot about its quality and the robustness of its design. A look at the back reveals that it has a powerful magnet, and this is what you use to stick the thermometer to your stove, steel flue pipes, iron pipes and other surfaces.

The SFR stove thermometer comes with a wire and a screw.

What are the Benefits of Using a Thermometer?

The features listed above gives you a good indication of how good this magnetic stove thermometer is. The wide temperature range means there is greater flexibility when you use your stove as you don’t have to worry if the thermometer can keep up.

The inclusion of a creosote buildup and overheating indicator adds value to the SFR. Unless these indicators are included it’s going to be difficult to determine this until it is too late, so the fact that it is included here says a lot about the quality of its design.

Some may argue that it is not necessary to take the temperature of a stove, but that is not true. The fact is most people end up wasting wood because they don’t know how much they need to use. To use an analogy, you use a meat thermometer to make sure it is properly cooked: the same rule applies with wood stoves, as you need to use a thermometer to make certain the temperature is precisely where you want it to be.

It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to increase room temperature, trying to reduce it or adding more wood: the SFR thermometer is the best tool available that will make sure you use just the right amount.

SFR Stove Thermometer's Performance

This thermometer was developed for one reason only, and that is to help you manage your wood stove. In that regard the SFR does what it is supposed to do as it will keep your usage of wood reasonable and prevent creosote from building up. With this thermometer you will always have a good idea of what is going on in your stove.

If you are burning cold, your chimney could end up with a lot of creosote. Not only will you be spreading a lot of this stuff in the air, but you will also lose a lot of heat off the wood you’re using. On the other hand if the burning is too hot, you could end up wasting too much energy or causing damage to the catalytic combustor. With the SFR thermometer there is no need to worry about this as the device will make sure you know exactly what is going on and you are burning wood as effectively as possible.  

While the SFR is being marketed for stoves, you can use it on patio heaters, BBQ, ranges and even BBQ, underscoring its efficiency. Once you have set up the thermometer, its contact point will provide precise readings so no more guessing around.  

Final Verdict

The SFR is a one of kind flue thermometer, and it is not an exaggeration to say that once you’ve tried it, you will find it indispensable. Unlike other thermometers, this one is built with durability in mind, and the readings are very accurate as well. If you’ve been looking for a thermometer to accurately gauge the temperature of your wood stove, the SFR is what you will need. It is affordable, easy to use and most important, highly accurate, so what more could you ask for?

The product ships from Ireland, so if you are going to order from the United States it will take around 5 days for the delivery.