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  • Increases your thermal comfort
  • No operating costs
  • Cuts fuel costs
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  • Genuine Caframo Ecofan made in Canada which includes a 2 year warranty

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What Kind of Stove Can The Caframo BelAIR Stove Fan Work On?

Can The Belair Stove Fan work on a wood burning stove?

Not everyone has a wood burning stove, and stoves that run on different fuels produce fires of differing heat intensities.  For instance, a gas stove, or one that operates on wood pellets tend to burn cooler than a traditional wood burning stove.  Also, some people have new EPA stoves, and these also tend to not burn as hot as a typical wood burning stove.

For this reason, a different kind of fan was needed.  The engineering challenges were enormous to create a fan that was optimized for these alternate stove/fuel configurations, and to contend with the lower average operating temperature.

Caframo, the legendary Canadian company, known for making top quality stove fans, however, was more than up to the task, and they designed the 806-Series Ecofan with this exact purpose in mind.

Optimized for use on specialty stoves like the ones mentioned above, the nickel-bladed 806 packs quite a lot of air moving punch in its relatively small size (though note that this fan is larger than most of the other models the company makes).  Even so, the fan is just 13 x 11 x 6 inches in size, and weighs in at a scant 3.1 pounds.


How Does It Work?belair_black_1024x1024

In keeping with the same basic design as the other fans the company makes, there’s nothing to assemble when you purchase the fan, and no external power source is needed, so there aren’t any power cords or battery packs to worry over here.  The fan gets all the power it needs for the blades to turn from the heat of the stove it’s resting on.  As the stove heats up, the blades begin to move.  As the stove cools down, the blades begin to turn more slowly, and eventually shut off automatically.  This is wonderfully convenient, because it means that you never have to remember to turn it off before bed.  Just leave the room, confident in the knowledge that as the fire burns lower and cooler, the fan will shut off on its own.

This is also the reason that these fans are such good purchases.  If they required an external power source, then you’d be paying more to heat the same space, but since the fan uses the heat of the stove for its power, the efficiency of your home heating solution is magnified.

Ecofan Belair stove fan double peltier system

Ultra quiet in its operation, the fan pushes an impressive 140 cubic feet of air per minute, which is more than enough for small to medium sized rooms.  The only indication you’ll have that it’s even on is the fact that you’ll feel the occasional draft of warm air from the stove as your stove fan does its job and evenly distributes the air, evening out the temperatures in the room for you, and avoiding that age old problem that stove fans suffer from, where it’s incredibly hot near the stove, but cool, and in some cases, downright cold in other parts of the room.





Three blade colors to chose from for the Ecofan Belair




If you’re looking for a high efficiency solution to take the effectiveness of your stove fan to the next level, and you need a fan that’s optimized for use with gas, wood pellet, or EPA stoves, then look no further than the 806 Ecofan by Caframo.  Exquisitely designed and engineered, and carrying a two-year warranty, this fan will provide you with years of reliable, quiet service that will leave your home warmer and more comfortable, even on those cold winter months.  An absolutely perfect addition to your home heating solution, especially if you’re living off grid, and need to get every bit of efficiency out of your stove that you possibly can.