The Valiant Ventum 2 Stove Fan


  • Only 7In high to fit tight, restricted spaces
  • Ultra low 113 degreef starting temperature
  • Blows up to 550Feet/minute
  • Thermally controlled actuator for optimum peltier performance
  • Dynamically balanced fan

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The Valiant Ventum 2 – Does It Live Up to the Hype?

The Valiant Ventum 2 is not your typical twin blade fan as it comes with unique features to fully optimize performance. Valiant has become known for its high quality fans and this is one of their best releases yet. While it may have an unassuming appearance, this fan is powerful.


What are the Features and Design?

There are a lot of things we can say about this fan, but we will start with a quick overview of its features and what sets it apart from the rest.

  • The fan sports a compact design, ideal if you have limited space
  • The starting temperature is 113 F / 45 C, just what you need for an early start
  • The fan blows up to 550 feet per minute, unrivalled among fans in its range
  •  Designed for optimum performance like all Valiant fans
  • Finely balanced

Valiant products have long been known for reliability and this is no exception. The quality is superb and it works perfectly with log burners. Aside from being used in homes, it is just effective when used in other environments. To put it another way, this is one of the most potent stove fans available, and when it comes to distributing heat evenly it is hard to top. 

How is the Performance?

The Valiant Ventum 2 Stove Fan may be small, but it more than makes up for lack of size with superior performance. This is possible due to the unique ultra-scoop twin propeller concept and its proprietary radiating fin design that ensures optimum airflow. With its  durable but lightweight blades the fan is able to draw in large volumes of air and send it towards in the stream at a fast rate, with the end result being better air circulation.

Valiant Ventum 2 is less than 180mm high

The newly designed motor means it’s easier than ever to commence at a low temperatures. Going back to the twin propeller design, it is what allows the fan to produce the optimum airflow. Like the later Valiant models, this fan does not need an external power source or a battery to run.  

The fan propels air nicely and installation is straightforward: you just set the fan on your stove or set it up where you want the air to flow. At any rate there are instructions provided so you’re not going to have a difficult time understanding how it works.

Some customers have noted that it takes time for the fan to fully circulate the air. This is understandable considering the size of the fan, but generally speaking it shouldn’t be too long. The rule is simple: if you want the fan to move faster, set the stove temperature higher. As the stove temperature goes up, the faster air circulates in the room.

What makes the Ventum effective is even if it doesn’t spin as fast or as powerfully as other fans, it moves the hot air from a stove, and in an average sized room you will feel the benefits soon enough.  

What are the Benefits?

This fan was built for use on compact stove tops and homes with limited room, so if space is a premium this is what you need. Even though it is only 6.8 inches high (174 mm), the fan is more than capable of blowing hot air while running at a low temperature.

Valiant is known for manufacturing durable fans and it is evident here. Among its many other benefits are the following:

  • Can start at a temperature of 45 C / 113 F
  • The temperature operating range is from 175 to 480 F / 80 to 250 C
  • You can use the Ventum up to a maximum temperature of 320 C (600 F)
  • The Valiant has safety features built in including protection from an overheating fan
  • The warranty is good for 24 months

Valiant Ventum 2 motor mounting

Valiant Firesides are versatile, and this fan is among the best. It works fine on a stovetop and as many reviewers happily point out, the fan runs fine even at 113 F, and the hotter your stove gets the faster the Valiant starts to propel. We have already explored the feature and design aspect so there’s no need to repeat that here, but it should be stressed the fan is built for long term use.


  • Height (with blade): 174mm
  • Width (with blade): 155mm
  • Weight: 475g
  • Total fan depth (approximate): 110mm
  • Base plate depth: 75mm
  • Base plate width: 110mm

The Verdict 

Anyone who uses a wood stove fan knows the performance varies from one product to another, but thankfully in the case of the Ventum 2 it is right up there with the best. Dual blade fans are common fare but Valiant has raised the bar. This may be a compact fan, but it packs a lot of power and is built to last, so we recommend it without reservation.